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What Can Be Expected of the Delta Variant of COVID-19?

What can be expected of the delta variant of COVID-19?As the delta variant of COVID-19 continues to fill up hospital wards across Northeast Florida, several local health systems have told their staffs that coronavirus vaccines are no longer optional. Gov. Ron DeSantis said yesterday he’s not a fan of those policies, although it’s unclear at the moment if he plans to step in to try to stop them. In the meantime, those hospitals are beginning to report data on deaths, and the numbers are concerning.

119 deaths in 45 days: Baptist Health’s CEO told News4Jax yesterday that its facilities had reported 119 COVID-19 related deaths since June 21 — an average of more than two a day over the last six weeks. One of those was a 16-year-old who had not been vaccinated and had no underlying health issues. What experts are saying about the increase in child cases

To mask or not to mask? The Department of Education is expected to adopt a rule today allowing for public school students to obtain private school scholarships if their school requires masks. While the state’s stance is clear, parents and school districts continue to grapple with the question of whether to mask students as they eye the recent rise in cases among the young — with schools set to reopen as early as next week for some Northeast Florida districts, including Clay County, where parents sounded off about the district’s mask policy during a School Board meeting last night. What the parents want

3rd dose clinical trial: Researchers are testing booster shots for COVID-19 vaccines and studying whether people will need a third dose to boost the waning immunity of the vaccine, particularly as the delta variant rages. Clinical trials are underway in Jacksonville for a third COVID-19 vaccine dose. Who is involved

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