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“Great experience with Legacy Planning. They were able to help us design, and more importantly, manage our plan. We are so happy with the results.”

Tim Cronin

“Mr. O’Leary and his team were very knowledgeable, professional, and welcoming. They followed through in a timely manner and answered all of our questions. It was a pleasure working with Legacy Planning Law Group.”

Brenda Confer

“Very pleased with Legacy Planning Law Group. Love the relaxed friendly atmosphere, the attentiveness from each team member and especially appreciate the complete and detailed accuracy given to each document we chose. “

Jennifer Losco

“Believe me when I say, everyone in this company is the best! They have been life savers when it came to taking care of my parents’ trust. They went above and beyond to help me whenever I asked!! I couldn’t be happier!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!”

Donna Ford

“It was a pleasure working with Bill O’Leary and his team. They are very experienced, professional, and were very efficient at assisting us in gathering our information and creating a personalized plan for us. I am very grateful, and I highly recommend the Legacy Planning Law Group for your estate planning needs.”

Monica Salamon

“Bill and the staff at Legacy Planning Law Group are fantastic! Each piece of your estate plan is thoroughly explained and customized for your individual needs. I would highly recommend all friends and family to this law group.”

Chris Herms

“Bill and his team at Legacy Planning Law Group have been fantastic to work with. Amazing knowledge and very thorough in explaining the process all the way through signing. Great comfort knowing they are available beyond as needed. Very highly recommend!”

August Wossner

“My experience with Legacy Planning Law group was great! The team delivered exceptional service in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Legacy to family and friends experiencing probate issues.”

Bruce Epps
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What steps can be put into place to ensure an adult child, who makes poor decisions, will be secure after the death of the parent? The main asset is life insurance.
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Estate planning checklist

What is an Estate Planning Checklist?

An Estate Planning Checklist ensures comprehensive asset distribution and care for loved ones. Key steps include listing assets, identifying beneficiaries, creating a will and living trust, establishing power of attorney, drafting a living will, and preparing memorial instructions. Family meetings enhance understanding and prevent misunderstandings.
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Estate Planning Options for Jacksonville Couples

Estate Planning Options for Jacksonville Couples

Learn the different options available for estate planning for Jacksonville couples to ensure your estate is protected and your wishes respected. Consider separate wills for more flexibility and joint trusts for streamlined asset management. Regularly update beneficiary designations, establish powers of attorney, and plan for long-term care and estate taxes.
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How to Name Your Trust

How to Name a Revocable Trust: A Guide for Florida Residents

Learn helpful points for how to name your revocable living trust. Tips include keeping it short, using meaningful elements, ensuring privacy, and avoiding overly creative names.
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How Will You Protect Your Family?

At Legacy Planning Law Group, we work with you to the create a plan that protects your family and preserves your legacy so you can have confidence about what lies ahead and finish the race strong.

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