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Settling an estate is a complicated and sensitive endeavor, typically done during a challenging time. Our knowledgeable Duval County estate planning lawyers can help you through the Florida estate administration process so you can focus on more important things related to your loss. Our skilled estate attorneys in Jacksonville, FL, provide the attention to detail needed to ensure the right outcome.

When completing estate administration in Jacksonville, it is essential to have an attorney with extensive knowledge of state and federal tax laws and the Florida Probate Code. Legacy Planning Law Group has the experience needed to organize and manage every detail, so you have greater peace of mind knowing everything is handled properly.

We provide estate administration services as part of our unique Estate Resolution Program.


Jacksonville estate administration refers to administering and closing your loved one’s estate. An estate can consist of many different types of assets. The estate administrator is responsible for identifying and organizing the assets, making sure debts are paid, and distributing assets to beneficiaries.

Probate is part of the estate administration process of transferring assets after death. A judge’s approval and court orders are needed to pass a decedent’s assets. While some types of estate assets must go through probate, other types do not have to. In that situation, there is still an estate administration process to make sure the assets get transferred the way the decedent wanted.

The estate administrator in Florida will have to do many of the same things required in a probate proceeding:

  • Organizing assets
  • Notifying beneficiaries
  • Giving creditors notice and a chance to file a claim
  • Paying the decedent’s unpaid debts
  • Preparing an inventory of assets
  • Filing tax returns
  • Distributing assets to the intended beneficiaries

Legacy Planning Law Group is here to help you and your loved ones  understand estate planningelder lawpost-death administration, and business planning in Duval County, Florida. If you’re interested in learning more about our legal services from our experienced Jacksonville, Florida, probate and estate administration attorneys, please don’t hesitate to contact us by booking a call today.

How Will You Protect Your Family?

At Legacy Planning Law Group, we work with you to the create a plan that protects your family and preserves your legacy so you can have confidence about what lies ahead and finish the race strong.

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