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Tina Turner Settled Estate Matters Years Before Death to Avoid Family Drama.

Tina Turner Settled Estate Matters Years Before Death to Avoid Family Drama.Sources revealed that Tina started getting her final will in order in 2021. The singer feared her days were numbered and wanted to make sure everything was in place, according to sources. Tina, whose estate is estimated to be worth $270 million, even sold off her music catalog to record label BMG for a reported $50 million. At the time, a source said, “Tina knows her time is short, and she wants to make sure her ducks are in a row for her family. She’s been dealing with poor health for years and knows the end is near.”

Tina’s fight for life.

Tina bravely battled intestinal cancer and underwent a kidney transplant in 2017 — with devoted husband Erwin Bach, 65, as her donor. And in 2018, she suffered the heartbreaking loss of 59-year-old Craig Turner— the oldest of her four sons — to suicide.

 Who will inherit Tina Turner’s $250m net worth?

While it has not been revealed who will inherit her fortune, it is assumed that she will leave the majority, if not all, to her husband of 10 years. The couple dated for 27 years before they tied the knot in a civil ceremony in Switzerland in 2013. 

With Tina’s two biological children, Craig and Ronnie, now deceased, many would expect that she may split her fortune between her husband and her remaining two children, Ike Turner Jr. and Michael Turner, her first husband, Ike Turner’s children whom she adopted as babies during her marriage to Ike.

However, in 2018, Ike Jr. claimed that he hadn’t spoken to his mother in almost 20 years, adding that she was also distant from Michael but did “send him money” due to him needing medical support.

“Tina raised me from the age of two. She’s the only mother I’ve ever known,” Ike Jr. told  The Mail on Sunday. “But I haven’t talked to my mother since God knows when – probably around 2000. I don’t think any of my brothers have talked to her in a long time either. My mother is living her life – she has a new husband and she’s in Europe. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with the past.”


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