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There Are Now So Many Remarkable Things to Do With Ashes to Honor Your Loved One. There are only a few things for certain in this life, and unfortunately death is one of them. Whether you are going through the process and know it is coming, or it happens unexpectant, the grief is none the less. Over the years, cremation has become a more popular way to lay our loved ones to rest. It has also become a more popular wish of people who predetermine their own end of life plans. With the popularity of the cremation option, some remarkable ways in which to use your loved one’s ashes to honor them, have come about.

Just recently a son added his father’s ashes to a bowling ball and scored a perfect game. Some might call that a sign. In 2018, a husband had his wife’s ashes turned into a diamond, almost coining the popular phrase “a diamond is forever”. And in 2014 a mother was able to send her son’s ashes into space. These might seem like extreme or outlandish idea’s, but for those who chose them, it brought great peace and comfort. There are so many ways now in which to use ashes to memorialize your loved one.

Depending upon your beliefs, customs, and perhaps religion, there are choices to make on how to lay your loved one to rest. It is never an easy decision if you are the one left to make it. Having end of life plans in order, can save your loved ones added grief when it becomes your time to pass. Having a Will in place helps map out all your desires from whether you want to be kept alive by machines, to if you want to be buried or cremated. You can even leave instructions on how you want your ashes taken care of. Some people have specific wishes of where they want their ashes spread. It is never too soon to create a Will and make your wishes known.

There have been several cases in which there have been actual court battles over who gets a loved one’s ashes. In 2014, a Florida Judge ruled that cremated ashes are not property, and can’t be divided. A Mother and Father who had divorced in 2007 son passed away in 2014 and a court battle ensued. The father wanted to split the ashes, while the mother protested saying it is against her religious beliefs to split the ashes. If the son had a Will determining how he wanted his ashes dispersed, there would not have been a case, and the sons wishes would have had to have been granted.

Life is full of the unexpected and there is no way to really know when it will end. Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney to draft your Last Will and Testament will ensure your wishes are honored. From the who, what, when, and how of everything, you decide!

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