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The Dangers of Not Funding a Trust, could be the Trick to your Treat!

 A failure to fund a trust can result in costly probate proceedings or worse—a transfer of your estate to the wrong beneficiaries. Rather than undermining the very purposes of the trust by failing to fund, individuals should take concrete steps in order to ensure complete trust funding.

A Trust is a very uniquely personalized set of documents. A good Trust outlines your wishes and your needs, it also aligns your assets into your Trust, hence funding. Here at Legacy Planning Law Group, we specialize in Trusts. Our Attorney Bill O’Leary has been practicing Estate Planning Law for over 20 years.

We know the importance of aligning assets into your Trust. Most of our Trust Plan’s come with Asset Alignment absolutely free. We have an Asset Alignment Coordinator: Courtney Roka, dedicated to Asset Alignment. She works with you to align your assets into your trust so that you have peace of mind. We call this our” Done with You” program. When choosing to obtain a Trust making sure it is properly funded is crucial.

In a lot of instances our individualized Asset Alignment program is what sets us apart from other Estate Planning Law Firms.

So, don’t get tricked by choosing a Trust without an asset alignment or funding plan included.

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When you create a Trust with Legacy Planning Law Group it’s a real Treat!

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