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Is Your Estate Plan Like an Easter Egg Hunt?

Every Easter, kids have a blast searching their home, backyard, or church property for small plastic eggs hidden with goodies. This type of scavenger hunt is enjoyable, but it won’t be as fun for your kids later on if they’re hunting for important estate planning documents once you’re gone.

To help your loved ones avoid the “hunt”, be sure to keep your original estate planning documents (such as your will), stored in a safe and accessible place. A home safe or filing cabinet is suitable if someone trustworthy has the combination or key, otherwise a bank safe deposit box may be used. If you do use a safe deposit box, be sure to put it in the name of your Revocable Living Trust, so your successor trustee will immediately be able to gain access without needing a court order. You may also add a trusted joint owner to the safe deposit box to carry out your estate planning wishes.

If you haven’t updated your estate plan since your last major life event (marriage, birth, or death in the family), it may be time to update it. If you still do not have an Estate Plan ,there is no better time then the present. Estate Planning is for Everyone!

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