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C19 UPDATE: CDC Recommends Care Plans for Both Older Adults and Caregivers

Quick. You or your senior loved one is running a fever, coughing and struggling to breathe. You suspect COVID-19 and a full-blown medical emergency starts to unfold. Medical professionals will need to quickly know the patient’s health conditions, medications, healthcare providers and emergency contacts. The CDC Recommends care plans for both older adults and Caregivers.

Are you ready?

The Centers for Disease (CDC) recommends developing a Care Plan now as part of your emergency preparedness.

What is a Care Plan?

A care plan is a document that summarizes a person’s health conditions and current treatments for their care. The CDC offers a handy form you can use, Complete Care Plan. This is a fill-able form you can complete on your computer or print and complete by hand.

How Do You Develop a Care Plan?

The CDC offers these tips

  • Start a conversation about care planning with the person you take care of.
  • Talk to the doctor of the person you care for or another health care provider.
  • Ask about what care options are relevant to the person you care for.
  • Discuss any needs you have as a caregiver.

And remember, care plans can reduce emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and improve overall medical management, especially during a medical emergency. This is what the CDC Recommends about Care Plans for Both Older Adults and Caregivers

Resource: Centers for Disease Control, Coronavirus Disease 2019,

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