Probate Attorney Jacksonville Fl


Probate Attorney Jacksonville Fl

Probate Attorney Jacksonville Fl

Let Legacy Planning Law Group Help You Navigate the Probate Process

The loss of a loved one creates many stressful issues that you need to deal with. If your loved one’s estate has to go through probate court, it can be a major burden. Having the right probate attorney there to not only fight for your rights but also the desires of the deceased is very important. So if you’re looking for a probate attorney Jacksonville Fl, then we’re here to help.

Probate is the process of establishing the validity of a Last Will and Testament that the deceased may have had. And if the deceased did not have a will, probate will determine the deceased’s ‘legal’ heirs if there has been no estate planning, details the deceased’s probate estate (known as the inventory), pay all outstanding debts, and finally distribute the deceased’s property to the people who are entitled to receive it. In the best of circumstances this can be a fairly straightforward process. In less than ideal situations there can be many issues that you need to work through.

We can assist you in getting through this difficult and often confusing process as quickly and easily as possible. We recognize that you will have a lot on your plate in the weeks and months after a loved one passes away, so we will handle as much of the probate process for you as possible. Our legal team of probate lawyers in Florida takes the protection of your lost loved ones’ seriously and will fight on your behalf to ensure you get all of the assets you are entitled to.

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