VA Pension Planning

Veterans Pension Planning and Eligibility Assistance


We can help you. We focus on helping wartime Veterans and their spouses protect assets and qualify for the hard fought Veterans Pension Benefits they rightly deserve.

We have the tools to help cut the red tape and we have the knowledge to implement strategies that have helped thousands of Veterans just like you receive benefits through the VA.

We can help:

  • We’re accredited to help you file for benefits once your plan is in place.
  • We stay up-to-date on VA Rules and Regulations, and regularly receive focused education on benefits changes.
  • We coordinate your plan with the rest of your estate and health care plans.


Don’t wait for a crisis to start planning. Every day people are faced with painful choices caring for a loved one. Every day Veterans and their spouses quietly hang up the phone in frustration, not knowing that there are attorneys to advise and guide them. You know where to turn for help now. All you have to do is ask. That’s why we are here.

Our job is to take the complicated and confusing and make it clear and simple. We do it every day for our Veteran clients and their spouses. We can do it for you. Call and schedule an appointment today.

You served us. Now it’s our turn to serve you.


Don’t run out of money thinking you have no other alternative. Our firm can help protect your home and other valuable assets using proven planning strategies. Knowing which assets count toward financial limits and which assets do not is crucial for a successful claim.


Veterans pensions benefits are coordinated with oth­er public benefits, and everyone’s situation is unique.

Your specific situation, medically and financially, will help us determine the best approach for you and your family. While there are common strategies to help people qualify for benefits, there is no one-size­ fits-all approach.

Only by finding out about you and your personal situation can we provide an accurate plan for you and your loved ones.


We are accredited by the VA to help you file your claim request. Once we determine that Veterans Pension is the best planning route for you, we can help implement our recommendations and help you file the application.

We wish it were as simple as filling out a form and getting APPROVED stamped on it. Unfortunately, forms can be hard to understand or particular in their language, causing confusion for people already stressed by failing health and financial concerns. The application process can be time consuming, even when everything is in order.

Our office will work with the VA to follow through on subsequent requests for information, giving you the ability to spend your time where it counts: with your loved ones or family.


You served our country during a time of war. You answered the call at a time when many chose to stay home. But as you grow older it gets harder and harder to do everyday tasks. You could use some help, but aren’t sure where to turn.

You may be watching your spouse, who has always been your rock, deteriorate before your eyes. Service gave your spouse a sense of pride, an air of strength. The person you once thought invincible now needs help to do the most routine things. Body and sometimes mind are fading away right before your eyes. What do you do? Where do you go? Who do you turn to for help?

Pride, fear or confusion often prevent people from seeking help with loved ones. Assets that it took a lifetime to accumulate are suddenly at risk of evaporating, and the prospect of running out of money while paying for care can be paralyzing. Many deserving wartime Veterans and their families find it difficult to come to professionals who can help them  navigate the red tape to receive benefits they fought so hard to earn but have never asked for. Contact us today and let us serve you.