Phillip and Jan McDowell

Jan and I attended an event sponsored by our church’s Endowment Committee where Mr. O’Leary, of Legacy Planning Law Group, gave a presentation about the fundamentals of inheritance planning and the critical need for all families, regardless of the size of the estate, to document their wishes. Bill explained he not only was an attorney but had recently completed the Estate Planning Program at University of Florida College of Law. We were impressed by his presentation, training and knowledge.  Our estate plan needed updating, so we decided to engage with Bill and his team to help us.

It was a good decision to have had Legacy Planning Law Group draw up our new plans. Bill and Jennifer made the process easy. The process started with an interview session where all the pertinent family details were collected. Also, our wishes for estate asset distribution were discussed and documented. From there, Jeannette created drafts of all necessary estate documents. Once completed, Jeannette provided us copies of the documents for review and approval. The final step was a meeting for us to sign the final version of the documents. Jeannette does a very professional job in providing clients with the finished product. We received a nice binder that includes the original signed documents for safekeeping, a copy for general reference, and a thumb drive with electronic versions for easy sharing.

We are very pleased with the outcome, the amount charged was reasonable and a good value for the amount of work involved, and finally happy to have a new relationship with Bill and Legacy Planning Law Group.

Phillip and Jan McDowell

Written by Legacy Planning Law Group

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