Bob and Darlene Guess

Working with our Financial Advisor recently the subject of a Will came up, ours was dated 27 September 1982, she recommends that Bill O’Leary’s LEGACY PLANNING LAW GROUP could help us out.  With one short (one hour) meeting with Bill we were on our way to success.

We signed up for a JOINT REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST, WILLS, LIVING WILLS, HEALTH CARE POWER OF ATTORNEY, PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION, and DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY.  All the things we needed to protect our assets and take care of descendants.

All of these needed the exchange of information, LEGACY was very accommodating for us, Jeanette (Paralegal) and we did everything via email.  She sent a workbook for gathering information and we sent back the information via email.

Brittany (Funding Coordinator) lead us through the transferring of assets into the trust.  Again, we accomplished this using email, except signing letters giving consent to re-title the assets into the name of the trust.

One more meeting (one- and one-half hour) for signing all the documents and getting the binder book with all the information needed to handle our estate.

Bill, Jeanette, Jennifer, and Brittany are very professional, patient, efficient and extremely knowledgeable.   It was a pleasure to work with each member of this team.

We would recommend that anyone looking for these services that they choose the LEGACY PLANNING LAW GROUP.

Bob and Darlene Guess

Written by Legacy Planning Law Group

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