How to Safeguard Your Children’s Inheritance if You’ve Remarried

A recent Forbes article talks about how to protect your children’s inheritance after you remarry. It is common for people to remarry later in life after amassing wealth, but how do you plan for your estate to provide for both your new spouse and the adult children from your prior marriage? It is essential for spouses to spend the time necessary to create an estate plan that protects their children’s interest.

One way to safeguard your children’s inheritance is to make a specific gift to them through your will. You can also make them beneficiaries of assets that are not governed by a will, like IRAs, 401(k)s, and insurance policies. Similarly, making gifts during your lifetime are a great way to protect your children’s legacy. An easy way to protect your children’s inheritance is to create a trust, which takes good care of your spouse for the rest of his or her lifetime after you die but also makes sure that assets are set aside and made available for your adult children when your surviving spouse passes away.

Additionally, creating a prenuptial or marital property agreement can help clarify your inheritance wishes. Overall, an estate plan should be a necessary part of protecting your legacy for your children. Here is the article. Enjoy!

Written by Legacy Planning Law Group

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