Medicaid Planning


Have you or someone you love had this conversation lately? “I’m so scared, I’m afraid we’ll  run out of money for care. What do we do?”

We can help you. Our firm can:

  • Assess your financial and medical situation to determine what programs will work for you.
  • Implement a comprehensive plan that considers your legacy wishes as well as your immediate needs.
  • Help connect you to other resources that can help ensure a successful Medicaid claim.


Americans today are expected to spend $44 billion out of pocket this year on Alzheimer’s and dementia care alone. Chronic illnesses are straining people’s ability to pay for quality care. Your options are:

  1. Spend down your net assets to qualify for assistance through the state; or
  2. Take time to visit with a trained, qualified elder law attorney to reclaim your dignity and get you the help you need.

Don’t resign yourself to just dialing toll-free numbers and sitting in state agency waiting rooms. We have a better solution. Let us help you put a stop to your nest egg disappearing as you pay for room and care. Take a deep breath and let us help you; this is what we do. You are in good hands with our firm. Call us to schedule an appointment and let us go to work for you today!


Many clients come to us knowing that they need help specifically with Medicaid Planning. Most soon realize that planning for Medicaid benefits is never all the advice, planning, and guidance they need. We take a comprehensive approach with our clients, which includes helping those who need care qualify for Medicaid benefits and creating a long-term plan for individuals or married couples who may need care in the future. When we finish helping you, both you and your loved ones will be better prepared for what today holds and what tomorrow may bring.


Why wait for a health care crisis to happen so that you are forced to scramble to find appropriate care, and to figure out how to pay for that care? We can help you with a plan that will not only protect what is important to you, but that will lessen the financial stress that can occur when you or a loved one falls ill. Medicaid benefits are coordinated with other public benefits, and everyone’s situation is unique. Your specific situation, medically and financially, will help us determine the best approach for you and your family. While there are common strategies to help people qualify for benefits, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Only by finding out about you and your personal situation can we provide an accurate plan for you and your loved ones.


Medicaid is the only government program that will pay for nursing home care long-term. Costs for long-term care are exploding at a rate much higher than other costs. As a result, many seniors may not be able to afford to pay privately for care.

Medicaid is complex, and dealing with bureaucratic red tape while also dealing with day-to-day care can lead to undue stress and illness for loved ones acting as caregivers.

We can help in both proactive planning and crisis situations. Our firm is dedicated to staying up-to-date on the ever-changing Medicaid landscape so we can provide you with the best plan for your specific situation. We know whenever a law changes, or may change, and we react quickly to make sure you are protected.


Crisis. There’s no other word for it. Time is of the essence when faced with a long-term care crisis. Decisions made in haste by loved ones can often do more harm than good. The added responsibility can leave people feeling overwhelmed.

We can help your loved one in a crisis by:

  • Evaluating your current asset and income picture to help you make good decisions about care options.
  • Reviewing your current long-term care plans to see what assets may be protected.
  • Helping determine the best assistance programs for you to relieve the heavy financial burden.


Senior adults just like you are living longer and facing unique challenges. Debilitating chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s/dementia can quickly drain your life savings. The escalating costs of assisted care facilities is nothing short  of overwhelming. How have you prepared? Chances are you have friends or loved ones that have already been impacted physically, emotionally and financially. After years of dedicated work and contributing to a system that was supposed to be there for them, they are staring at these challenges as they struggle to financially keep up. Let us help you prepare for the unique challenges ahead and protect your legacy.


You may have friends or loved ones that have already been impacted physically, emotionally and financially. They worked hard, saved faithfully, and contributed to a system that was supposed to be there for them.

Now they are paying for care they never thought they would need and are going broke in the process.