Elder Planning

We Solve Problems for Seniors

Elder law is a broad field that covers a wide range of different topics. Over the last 100 years, the average life expectancy has more than doubled. In fact, if you make it to the age of 65, the chances are that you will live to 81 if you are a man and 84 if you are a woman. This is excellent news, but it also introduces some concerns that simply weren’t present in generations past.

For example, nearly one in every two women and one in four men will find themselves in a nursing home at some point in their lives. Nursing homes cost an average of up to $8,000 per month, and Medicare typically will not pay for it. This can cause families to run out of money quite quickly, especially if prolonged stays at these facilities are required—as they often are.

With proper planning, however, there are ways to help ensure you qualify for Medicaid, which will cover most of these expenses.

When it comes to qualifying for Medicaid, most people think they have to ‘spend down’ or give up most, if not all, of their assets before they will cover nursing home expenses. With early and informed planning, however, this is not necessary.

We can work with you to use legal techniques and strategies that will allow you to be covered by Medicaid while still keeping your home and many of your assets. In most cases, you don’t even need to give away your assets to family members or other loved ones. Implementing the right estate planning tools now can help ensure you are prepared for a time when you or your spouse needs to move to a nursing home or other long term care facility.

In addition to Medicaid planning, our legal team is extremely well-equipped to guide you in all aspects of guardianship and incapacity planning.

The most important thing to know about planning for these types of situations, however, is that it is critical to start planning early. No matter how old you are today or how healthy you might be, now is the time to start thinking about elder law and care. Our legal team is here to help get everything in order so please contact us
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