My Earliest Memories of Family

The earliest images I have of family are from when I was a kid. Smells coming out of the kitchen. My mom cooking pot roast or spaghetti. Those were her “go-to” meals for a big family dinner. A lot of things I experienced when I was very young really impacted me later on as things happened in the family and as the transition occurred, it was different. Things that were important to me, stayed with me.

A legacy is the successful passing of your life, wishes, and dreams to the next generation. Leaving a legacy is about building an enduring family connection and includes creating an estate plan that transcends time and money. Create an estate plan that emulates your personal stories.

Sit down and write a letter to your family. Share your hopes and aspirations for them. Tell them you love them. Tell them you hope they stay together and to prevent money from driving them apart. Oh, how we all yearn that our family stay together after we pass away. Family harmony … priceless. Tell them the things that made your family great, how the wealth that you do have was built through hard work and sacrifice. Tell them about the legacy you want to leave them and the next generations. They will treasure this forever, more than the money or the property. You might not get another chance to write this letter. This letter should become a part of your estate plan.

Written by Legacy Planning Law Group

Legacy Planning Law Group is dedicated to working with individuals and families to help protect the assets they have built throughout their life, and make everything simpler for families who have lost a loved one. We help thoughtful people achieve the peace of mind that comes with planning their personal legacy and passing on family harmony.