The 4 Benefits of Creating a Will with Legal Help vs. DIY

August is National Make a Will Month, which means you should be thinking about creating a will or updating your will. Unfortunately, many people turn to Do-it-Yourself, or DIY, wills with the help of questionable online resources and information. These solutions simply will not work in many cases, and it can be foolish and even dangerous to create a will by yourself.

There are many benefits to using legal help to create your will instead of creating it on your own. Below are just a few reasons you should not go it alone.

  1.     Using a lawyer significantly increases the chances that the will meets formal requirements.

Every will must comply with certain formal requirements to be valid. For example, you need at least two competent witnesses to be present when you sign your will for it to be lawful in Florida. These witnesses must meet certain competency requirements and cannot be biased. The testator, the individual making the will, must also meet specific requirements regarding age and mental fitness as well.

  1.     A lawyer can create a will that meets your specific needs.

Online forms and DIY suggestions can never take the place of individualized attention. An attorney can examine your family and financial situation to determine which wording will work best for your will. He or she will also be able to use the information you provide to suggest other estate planning tools that are uniquely tailored to you as well. Forms and generalized resources simply cannot compete with personalized service.

  1.     Avoid conflicting wording and confusing language.

One of the main reasons that will disputes occur is because the language of the will was not clear or because another document conflicts with the will. Will contests can be extremely time-consuming, expensive, and can be an emotional drain on the entire family. Making sure that your will is clear and your intentions are expressed accurately by using legal services can pay for itself in the long run.

  1.     Increase the chances that your will is valid.

The cost to your family of having an invalid will can be immeasurable. Imagine that you attempted to create a special needs trust in your DIY will to ensure that your special needs child has enough funds and property to account for his or her care. If, for some reason, you do not create the trust properly in your will, your loved one will be forced to go without. There is simply too much at stake to risk creating your own will.

A DIY can never take the place of a real, experienced attorney. Legacy Planning Law Group can help you create a will that is not only much more likely to be upheld in court, but will also meet your needs more effectively. Contact us this August for National Make a Will month.

Written by Legacy Planning Law Group

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